Introduction for ChinaPCBOne technical team

There are 35 incumbents in ChinaPCBOne technical team include 8 senior engineers who with more than 10 years of work experience, and 16 engineers who more than 5 years of work experience. The engineering manager has over 12 years of work experience...

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How did ChinaPCBOne service the customers?

I want to share my own experience about how did ChinaPCBOne service the customers? Every customer has the code in our system. In 2015, during a daily customer visit, I went to the Shenzhen office with our 047 customer code 047 which the end customer...

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Making friends with Customers

"Guanxi" ---- when the customer sent these letters on skype, I didn’t understand even I used the translation software to check it out. I still didn’t know what it meant. In the end, the customer explained: Guanxi is doing business in China, I want...

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