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ChinaPCBOne provides one-stop solution for PCB Design, ordering all the components, PCB Manufacturing, PCB assembly, Testing and final shipment.

Shenzhen PCB Factory

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Advantages of PCB Production

ChinaPCBOne Technology Limited –Shenzhen PCB manufacturing factory is a manufacturer of circuit boards that are known for their technology and quick success. Including a variety of high quality, high-density circuit boards and a variety of special processes, special materials of the production of circuit boards, rapid quotation, rapid response, fast delivery (quick turn) and so on. Quickly satisfying customers' demand for high-quality circuit boards is our constant pursuit.

Perfect external environment: ChinaPCBOne–Shenzhen PCB manufacturing factory located at Fuyong Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, It has convenient transportation, developed logistics network and the world's largest and most mass circuit board industry base, as well as many experienced circuit board technicians. The complete circuit board produces upstream and downstream supply chains.

Internal advantages: In addition to the inherent advantages that ChinaPCBOne – Shenzhen PCB manufacturing factory can't match anywhere else in the world, and more importantly, we can provide high quality, high-density circuit boards, and better services. The advantages are as follows:

  • For PCB with special processes and special materials, our experienced product engineers offer you a quote within 2 hours. For a standard PCB, it takes only a few minutes to get a quote through our e-Shop and complete the order to start PCB production.
  • The service of circuit board manufacturer provides one-stop service from PCB design technical support, prototype and trial production to mass production.
  • Can produce up to 48 layers PCB.
  • Provide 24 hours manual services and unattended e-shop services.
  • To ensure the punctuality of delivery ,the on-time delivery for quick turn PCB is 99%.
  • Specializes in the production of PCB of various special processes and PCB of special material, such as multiple mixed pressure, heavy copper circuit boards.
  • It can product the board with min line width/line spacing of 3.0MILS.
  • It has UL certification for various materials and heavy copper, and has passed ISO9001:2015 certification and obtained the UKAS Accreditation Board (UKAS) certification.
  • All of our circuit board products are 100% guaranteed to comply with IPC-6012C, IPC-A600H, IPCII standards.

PCB Assembly Factory

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Advantages of PCB assembly

ChinaPCBOne – Shenzhen PCB Assembly factory is an intelligent manufacturing service company specializing in SMT and waves soldering one-stop service for a small and medium batch rapid response. The factory has the assembly, reflow soldering, wave soldering, and has a one-stop production workshop for all PCBA production processes. The testing instrument has an LCR instrument, AOI, X-RAY, and has a complete set of devices for welding inspection, which provides a strong foundation for quality assurance.

Perfect operation system: ChinaPCBOne – Shenzhen PCB Assembly factory located near Shenzhen Baoan Fuyong Subway Station, with convenient transportation, Our brother factory PCB manufacturing is a quick turn manufactured, and with the existing hundreds of small-volume raw material suppliers, after years of operation, a complete set of small-scale supply system for electronic materials and hardware accessories has been established. The rapid completion of PCBA's entire production process is our strength and our goal of providing one-stop service.

Adequate production advantages:

  • We have experience in completing tens of thousands of different categories of products.
  • There are new SMT and wave soldering equipment required for the complete PCBA production process.
  • There are LCR instruments, AOI, X-RAY, testing instruments from materials to appearance and welding effects.
  • It can mount with 0201 components, 0.2MM BGA, and 0.2MM pitch connectors.
  • The board can produce the smallest PCB with 0.4M-1.2M.
  • Focus on small-scale production trial production, starting from 5 pieces.
  • The quotation can complete within two hours.
  • SMT and wave soldering can do in the same workshop.
  • The workshop uses ESD and constant temperature and humidity workshops.
  • The entire workshop uses a lead-free process.
  • PCBA meets the lead-free international standard of IPC-610-E.

Shenzhen PCB Assembly Factory

Reception at ChinaPCBOne PCBA Factory
ChinaPCBONe PCBA Production Line

Global resource integration

The global coverage of the electronic components supply chain, hardware and software development team with integrate Chinese and Western, to provide Chinese customers with localization solutions for the Western market.

Full process service

From PCB design and manufacturing, assembly and plug-in, box build one-stop services, and also including electronic components global purchasing business.

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24/7 Services

There are special service teams for different regions or countries around the world, 24/7 Services.

Full product lifecycle service

From prototype, small batch trial production to mass production, providing manufacturing services with the entire product life cycle 

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