Our Mission

ChinaPCBOne has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing in electronics industry, which can help you get closer to your dreams and make your innovation easier!

Our Experience

With more than 10 years of experience in the electronics industry, from circuit board manufacturing to patching to finished product assembly, we have extensive experience in turning product design into a real product. Our experience not only builds products based on your design, but also optimizes your design with our extensive experience, making your design more conducive to manufacturing and achieving the perfect balance between functionality and cost.

Depending on the complexity of the product design, we only need one to three weeks to convert your design into a real product.

Our Philosophy

Let customers focus on their core values and give us matters related to product manufacturing. We provide customers with one-stop manufacturing services related to product proofing, trial production and small batch production, including: circuit board design, circuit board manufacturing, electronic component purchasing, plastic hardware and various tool purchases.

Give us the production, ChinaPCBOne ’s professional team and years of experience can save you time and effort.


ChinaPCBOne 's Values, Mission and Vision

Values, Mission and Vision

We can't change the world, but we can help you change the world faster! "Helping you succeed and realize your dream" This is the dream of ChinaPCBOne!

ChinaPCBOne ‘s Mission:

ChinaPCBOne's Misson: Make electronic innovation easier. Let customers focus on innovation, focus on their core values, and leave the rest to us. With years of experience in electronic design and manufacturing, ChinaPCBOne makes your technological innovations simpler and faster!

ChinaPCBOne ‘s Vision:

ChinaPCBOne's Vision: Become international cloud factory, become the factory around you. Integrate the internal management systems and intelligent manufacturing equipment of each branch and build an intelligent manufacturing system based on this. Finally, the Internet online platform is interconnected with the Design for Manufacturability (DFM). Our customers can solve all aspects of manufacturing feasibility analysis, change design, and scheduled production through our online design products anywhere in the world.

ChinaPCBOne ‘s Values:

ChinaPCBOne's Values: Integrity, Efficiency, Innovation, Win-win. Let innovation become our habit, face all partners with integrity, solve problems in an efficient way, and win win-win or win-win situation with all partners. Make the customer's work easier and more efficient.

ChinaPCBOne ‘s dream:

ChinaPCBOne hopes to digitize the experience of electronic product design and manufacturing for many years, and use our experience data to create an electronic product design and manufacturing platform for designers. Through this platform, whether you are a newcomer to electronic design or an experienced veteran, you can instantly understand the manufacturing complexity of your current design, the cost of raw materials, the procurement cycle and the manufacturing cycle, and be able to give advice based on cost expectations.

iCloudFactory - Our Goal

Drinking a cup of fragrant coffee, waiting for the inspiration to knock on the door. Get an inspiration, just tap the keyboard to tell us what you need, and then have a nice trip. When you are tired and come home, your product has been quietly waiting for you to come back! International Cloud Factory(iCloudFactory),this is the dream made by ChinaPCBOne we have been working hard for it!


All the business of ChinaPCBOne (including all branches) is all Internetized, and all the businesses are integrated into one. The customer interacts with all of our branches through the webpage of the electronic manufacturing platform of ChinaPCBOne.

Industrial chain

We will gradually involve all aspects of electronic manufacturing, including PCB design, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, plastic mold and injection molding, finished product assembly, etc., but only for multiple varieties and small-volume production.


Achieve intelligent manufacturing of multi-variety and small-volume electronic products to increase production efficiency and reduce human error, and customers can interact with smart devices in real time through our electronic manufacturing platform.


We distribute our smart manufacturing plants globally and provide more convenient services to our customers, not only to save logistics time, but more importantly, to communicate without face-to-face communication without cultural differences.


We specialize in electronics manufacturing and focus exclusively on all manufacturing services from sample production to small batch production, in full accordance with the cost budget and quality requirements that customers expect.


We will gradually introduce other partners to create a true one-stop electronic manufacturing platform, allowing customers to submit an order through our platform to achieve all production links from design to finished product delivery.

Internet Cloud Factory, ChinaPCBOne Around World

To provide a simpler and faster intelligent icloud manufacturing platform for electronic R&D and manufacturing around the world, so that all human beings can be equal in the face of electronic innovation!

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