Flex PCB

Flex PCB and rigid-flex PCB fabrication & Manufacturing since 2008

We are your one-stop PCB supplier for flex and rigid-flex PCBS. We are a high quiality quick turn prototype rigid-flex PCB Manufacturer.
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Flex PCB

Learn more about our prototype and production flexible and rigid-flex PCB fabrication services. Get low-to-high volume rigid-flex, and flex PCB quantities manufactured with industry leading quick turnaround times for rigid-flex and high density interconnects (HDI) PCBs. We pride ourselves on on-time delivery. Let us know how we can help with your next mission-critical flex circuit.

PCB services.

  • Rigid-flex PCBs
    High quality rigid-flex printed circuit boards.

  • Flex PCBs
    Fully flexible printed circuit boards for all markets.

  • High Density Interconnect PCBs (HDI PCBs)
    Circuits with high reliability and performance.

  • Multilayer Flex Circuits
    Single, double, and multilayer flex and rigid-flex circuits.

Markets served.

  • Medical
    Diagnostic hardware, medical electronics and medical imaging devices.

  • Telecommunications
    High frequency chip carriers and fiber-optic communication products.

  • Industrial & Commercial
    Robotics, consumer electronics and LED lighting applications.

  • Industrial & Commercial
    Robotics, consumer electronics and LED lighting applications.

Highlighted manufacturing capabilities.

As a leading prototype-to-production flexible PCB manufacturer, we have flex and rigid-flex PCB capabilities that other companies can't compete with. As your flexible circuit supplier, you will be able to build boards with line and width spacing down to 19 microns (.75 mil) and 1 mil micro vias. Consult with our flex PCB design and engineering services team to help you determine what the optimal technologies are for your project's application. We also offer extremely fast quick turn flex circuit prototyping services. View our full flexible and rigid-flex capabilities or contact us to learn more.

We've got you covered for both prototype and production quantities.

With Flex PCB, you skip the PCB brokers and go straight to the source. Start prototyping in our facility. This allows you to know what materials and components are most effective during large volume PCB fabrication runs.

It's not just our design and prototype-to-production manufacturing capacity that makes Flex PCB different; our technical, engineering, procurement and customer services gives us a competitive advantage.

Do you need inventory stocking for your flex or rigid-flex PCBs? Get pull and push inventory that meets your specific needs. Order in high volume, but let us manage your inventories with JIT (Just in Time) deliveries.

We also provide flex and rigid-flex PCB assembly services that reduces your vendor count, production delays, and quality issues. From single component to complicated box builds, let Flex PCB do your component sourcing, assembly, and testing.

Example rigid-flex and flex PCBs manufactured by us.

6L Rigid Flex PCB

6L Rigid Flex PCB

3-Dimension FPC for Facial Massager

10.25 Inch Backlight for TV & Notebook & Laptop

Consumer FPC for 3.5/4.5 Inch LCD

Mobile Camera Modules, Flat Cable for Display Screen

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