Introduction for ChinaPCBOne technical team

There are 35 incumbents in ChinaPCBOne technical team include 8 senior engineers who with more than 10 years of work experience, and 16 engineers who more than 5 years of work experience. The engineering manager has over 12 years of work experience and has worked in ChinaPCBOne over 4 years, in which advanced management concepts and rich experience, he has built a high-efficiency, high-quality technical team.

pcb design

The technical department is equipped with a research and development team, a pre-audit team, a CAM and checking group; the R&D team is response for OEM design, the pre-audi group is response for pre-view the gerber file & requirement, and check with the customer about the technical problem; the CAM team is responsible for the design of tools and processes; the checking group is checking the working gerber and MI before the board release on the product line.

At present, the technical department implements the automatic operation of the EMS system and implements automatic control + manual review and inspection. Operation processes is below:

customer order entry into ChinaPCBOne work system ------ engineer review and check customer's original design file ------- EQ is consulted when the data is abnormal or our technical ability cannot meet the customer's requirements Communicate and provide customers with a reasonable solution ------ After the end of EQ, according to the customer's reply, optimize the design, the system automatically checks and checks the customer's original ------ output the correct tool and process design.

Our working time is from 8 am to 12 pm in two work shifts which can avoid the time difference and service the customer from all over the world. we can reply the customer within 12 hours if they have any questions.

 PCB Manufacturing

Our process capabilities are:

3/3mil line width spacing, Aperture: 0.1mm (MIN), Copper thickness from H OZ to 20 OZ.

we can process board from 1L to 30L. also we are professing on build blind buried holes, high frequency plates, copper substrates, and aluminum substrate

Our engineer will review the original gerber, and will come up with EQs with our suggestions if there is design question or quality issue. If there is out of our capability designed, our engineer will check with our technology engineer about our best solution first, then checking with the customer. We will not modify the gerber file without the approve of customer,

If the special stack-up, trace width, copper weight, component, and process design will cause process cost & leading time increase, our technical team can carry out overall design optimization and provide reasonable changes under the premise of ensuring quality without affecting product features. Minimize the cost of PCBA and deliver it to customers in the shortest time.

Our R&D team can accept OEM orders in which the customer only need to provides the ideal concept of the finished product and functions. The R&D team conducts development and design, software development, hardware design, drawing electrical schematics, and Layout to output a full set of files. Then the factory process the bare board, assembly then finish the final product.

ChinaPCBOne is a high-quality and efficient technical team with rich technical experience and advanced management concepts. we can provide all technical supports to customers and service the customer in comprehensive.

Our service concept is to be the first choice for one-stop electronic services in global!



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