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"Guanxi" ---- when the customer sent these letters on skype, I didn’t understand even I used the translation software to check it out. I still didn’t know what it meant. In the end, the customer explained: Guanxi is doing business in China, I want to be friends with you (probably in English: Chinese consider guanxi in business, I want to be a friend with you).

I suddenly realized that the customer is talking about the relationship. This is a new customer that I met shortly after I entered Chinapcbone in 2013. The dialogue above is what the customer said after payment. Why do customers want to be friends with me? At the time I thought about it, there might be several reasons:

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  1. Find Chinapcbone through the network, then rely on E-mail and skype to determine the transaction in just a few days.

  2.  For the customer, strange China, strange company, unfamiliar salesperson, I have no third party guarantee after payment.

  3. What if the PCB given to me is defective?

    Therefore, the customer wants to be friends with me, set up a close, let our relationship become better, thus bringing security to his orders.

I immediately told the customer that we spend a lot of financial resources on the Internet not for an order, we want to maintain a long-term cooperation with all customers, so you don't have to worry about any quality problems, we can not pay attention to guanxi, But we can definitely be friends. Now this customer has been working with Chinapcbone for almost 6 years, and introduced many other customers to me. We have also become very good friends.


The 21st century is an era of connections, and friends are part of the network. It’s more meaningful to have more friends than to have more customers. Who is the customer? Is it just the one who orders you and pays you something to buy? Not only that, he can be your friend, even a loved one, which depends on how we look at it.

Let me talk to you about my feelings, invite everyone to treat each customer as their own friend, and learn to turn customers into friends.

One :

Finding the same interesting to build trust relationship is the important thing. it is difficult for the customer give us order and pay to us if we never met before, only contact by email, telephone, or only met once on exhibition. So, we must build trust relationship with the customer. The question is how we can do it. The company’s presentation, certification are the first thing need to send to customer so that can help them better know about it, also we need to find the customer’s interesting, habit, character, etc during conversation, like traveling, exercise(basketball, football and so on), news , collection, and music. In the meanwhile, we need to observe the customer’s time and feeling during chatting. If you don't understand, you can search the Internet and let the other person feel that you are similar to him and have a common hobby. In this way, guests will like to chat with you and make friends.

Two :

Focusing on the family, affecting the customer. the customer usually like to share about their family especially children. But we need to con

talking about the family to customer, especially the topic about children. Of course, we need to grasp the size, do not dig the privacy of others, and make sure that the customers are happy to share about their life to us. It is a good way to get close with the customer that remembered

customer’s children, even parents and the name of their pets, and greeting often. Also we can express our blessing if some one from customer’s family is in ill, and care about it. If you can’t remember all the things, you can take a note on the notebooks or on computer.


Sharing: You can share the phone of traveling, family and company to customer, so that can help them to better know about us easily remember and build a complete customer profile.


Paying attention to the news of their country, especially on special events, accidents, disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, strikes, economic crises, etc., we can send an email to the customer in immediately after receiving the information or exchange ideas.

ChinaPCBOne Coperation

Surprise: we can check the birthday of the customer through the hotel customer lived when they visit China. Of course, we can ask the customer directly. It is so warm if we send a message or a congratulation card to the customer when birthday.

Send a small gift: You can send some local specialties and snacks to the customer no matter new or old when exhibition. It will let the customer feel that we are very attentive and belong to a personal relationship friend. Also we can go dinner with the customer if they are fine, i’s not normal to have a meal together.


Paying attention to the customer who never order before even the foreign friends who not work in PCB, they have not placed orders, but if you make more friends, maybe they can provide you with some important information, and even refer to customers, and some friends can share some positive Inspirational story texts, chatting with such friends can be easier, and it is often easier to get rich information.


We can learn from customers, treating customers as teachers, and asking him you don't understand the problem when become friends. Telling him that you are still a newbie which many professional problems are not very clear, and will ask him if we are not understand the meaning.If you are very good and modest, the guests are very happy to help us.


Sharing happiness and growing happy! Let us work happily and enjoy life! work hard together fighting!


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