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PCBA & PCB Manufacturing

ChinaPCBOne offers one-stop shop services: multi-layer PCB manufacturing, turn-key PCB Assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs, finish product assembly and other value-added services (components purchasing, PCB design, etc.).

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One-Stop Shop Services

PCBA & PCB Manufacturer

ChinaPCBOne manages low to mid volume production runs from assembly to final shipment.
ChinaPCBOne coordinates the whole process. We complete the process including design, ordering components, manufacturing, assembly, and testing. Just provide your idea or schematic (design), and we do the rest. You get real products based on your design. Log into our e-shop at any time to get your online quote. Our e-shop is 24/7.

PCB manufacturing services

ChinaPBCOne offers consistent, high quality PCB manufacturing at an affordable price.  We produce the following:
• Multilayer PCB • Mixed Pressure PCB
• Flex Rigid PCB • HDI PCB
• Heavy Copper PCB
• Other special processes or Special Materials PCB

PCB assembly services

ChinaPCBOne offers turnkey assembly including prototype quantities or low to mid volume production runs.  We manage the whole process including ordering components, manufacturing, assembly, and testing.  We ensure a quality solution from design to final shipment.

Components purchasing services

ChinaPCBOne has purchasing centers in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and the United States.  We have been granted import and exports rights to ensure immediate delivery of components.

PCB design services

ChinaPCBOne offers customized services.  We take your prototype or idea and make it a reality.  Provide us with the idea or schematic and we give you the layout of your PCB, Gerber file, NC Drill, and BOM list.

Factory in Shenzhen of China

PCBA and PCB Fabrication

ChinaPCBOne was founded in 2008. We are dedicated to offering a one stop, turnkey PCB solutions for prototypes and small to medium volume production runs. As a one stop shop, we give expert consulting in design and manufacturing (DFM).
We have two factories that provide PCB design, manufacturing, assembly, and other services.
Our factory in Shenzhen China is located in the most concentrated area of electronic manufacturing and suppliers in the world. This helps PCBOne support all customer needs around the world, whether you need PCB manufacturing, assembly, or component procurement. We have UL, ISO9001, and IATF 16949 certification to ensure we provide the highest quality products that meet RoHS regulations.
ChinaPCBOne offers you a self-service platform to get automated quotes and place orders. You can place an order in minutes with automated quoting and get your product started in a few days.




PCB Monthly Capability


PCBA Monthly Capability

Multi-layer PCB Manufacturing

Multilayer PCB Manufacture

Focus on Multilayer PCB...

Our target market is high multilayer; high density interconnects (HDI) PCB, special material, and process printed circuit boards. Our focus is high density (greater than 40 layers), special printed circuit board materials and processes. Examples are aluminum base PCB, HDI PCB, high-frequency PCB, heavy copper PCB over 19 oz., etc.
We can also produce impedance control PCB, buried and blind hole, 48 layer, and lower than 40 layers PCB.

PCB Products

Multilayer PCB

Up to 48 Layers Circuit boards

Heavy Copper PCB

Up to 20oz Heavy Copper Boards

Flex-Rigid PCB

Up to 20 layers Rigid-Flex PCB


HDI PCB 1 Steps HDI, 2 Steps HDI

PCB assembly services

Turnkey PCB

ChinaPCBOne offers Full and Partial Turnkey Assembly.

ChinaPCBOne has worked with over 3000 customers providing 5000 different electronic product projects. Our 10 years of experience lets us offer one stop services including manufacturing, component procurement, and all in one assembly.
Our assembly capabilities are:
  • SMT
  •  BGA
  •  Through Hole
  •  Mixed
  •  Rigid Flex

We are compliant with standards including IPC610 class 2 and class 3.


PCBA Products

PCB Assembly

Parts Management

IC Progamming

Functional Testing

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PCBA & PCB Manufacturing

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