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ChinaPCBOne offers one-stop shop services: PCB Design, Multi-layer PCB manufacturingTurn-Key PCB Assembly Services, Finish Product Assembly.

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ChinaPCBOne Technology Limited, founded in 2008, a one-stop PCB manufacturer in Shenzhen Of China, we have two branch factories dedicated to PCB(Printed Circuit Board) design, PCB manufacturing services, PCB Assembly manufacturing services, components sourcing services and finished product assembly with reasonable price. Since our establishment, we have helped thousands of engineers, purchasers and electronic hobbyists, from business to education institutions, to develop innovative creation transforming their products and the industry in which they operate. As a customer-driven PCB manufacturing manufacturer, we are committed to adhering to the strictest quality standards in PCB fabrication and assembly. We do our best to ensure our PCB boards meet and exceed specific requirements of every one of our clients. Up to now, we have served thousands of international engineers with our quality guaranteed services. Along the way, we have built a solid reputation for high quality, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery.

We always believe that meeting the needs of our customers is the key to any business success. Therefore, we offer one-stop manufacturing services from board design to finished assembly to ensure that our customers' needs are met. Our team has more than 15 years of experience in the electronics design and electronics manufacturing industries, from PCB design guidance to material consultation, from parts matching to complete turn-key assembly, we have covered all of them. You can let your product design to achieve production from the sample production to mass production in us, and our experienced team members will accompany you to meet the various needs of the manufacturing process and help solve all kinds of problems you encounter. 

ChinaPCBOne – PCB Factory In Shenzhen

Our PCB Factory a high-tech PCB(Printed Circuit Board) Manufacturer in Shenzhen of China which established in 2008. Our PCB Factory dedicated to Quick Turn PCB Prototype manufacturing services, small and medium-volume Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing services. As these, we can solemnly assure you on-time delivery, and especially the Quick Turn PCB Prototype is 100% on-time delivery. We have a typical geographical advantage by locating in Guangdong, which is the manufacturing center of world circuit boards, coupled with many years dedicated to circuit boards manufacturing experienced technical engineers team and more than 300 highly trained full-time employees, so we can provide the world-class circuit boards and services for the global customers with the Chinese market price.

Our PCB manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce a comprehensive range of products, including HDI PCB, High-Tg PCB, Thick Copper PCB, Halogen PCB as standard options, as well as more specialty PCBs such as Flex-Rigid PCB, Aluminum PCB, and Rogers PCB. We're committed to providing top-quality products at a cost-effective price. We understand the vital role that PSC components play in the functionality of a product; that's why we continuously upgrade PCB production lines to enhance our capabilities and the precision of our portfolio. Feel free to quote for your custom circuit boards using our online PCB Price Calculator and see how we could help today!

ChinaPCBOne - PCB Assembly Factory In Shezhen

ChinaPCBOne is a leading professional PCB assembly manufacturer in Shenzhen of China, which provides turnkey PCB assembly services, include components sourcing, PCB assembly, IC programming, functional testing, till finish product assembly. We can handle SMT/SMD assembly, COB, through-hole and mixed technology PCB assemblies, BGA down to 0.2mm pitch connector, 0201 components, and leadless devices assembly. We are striving to offer the best PCB assembly services in all over the world. We have the capability to organizing incoming raw materials, process control, functional test, from small-to-large volume production quantities.

ChinaPCBOne offers full Turn-Key and partial Turn-Key Circuit Board Assembly Services. We focus on both rigid PCB Assembly and flex PCB assembly. Our quality driven PCB assembly process ensures that your finished project is of the highest quality. In Full Turn-Key PCB, we handle everything including making circuit boards, ordering components, online order tracking, quality inspection, and final assembly.  In partial Turn-Key, you can order the PCBs and partial components, and we will fix the remaining parts for you.  ChinaPCBOne employs some strategies in Quality Management and process control to ensure that every PCB order is done right the first time. To achieve the fastest possible turnaround of the highest quality product, we continuously strive to improve our services and to make each step as efficient as possible.

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