Quick Turn Service, we did it !

Hey everyone,my name is Janson Peng,I work in Chinapcbone for 6years and I am a customer service for overseas,I would like to share something about our Quick Turn service. I remember there was a Russian customer mentioned us to use China's EMS to...

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Han’s Laser is very happy working with Chinapcbone

ChinaPCBOne’s mission is to become the first choice for one-stop electronic intelligence in the world. We focus on small volume and very quick turn delivery that not so convenient for big factory to do. One of our customers is a listed company,named...

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Chinapcbone’s Orientation for PCB and PCBA

Chinapcbone is not a very big PCB and assembly factory, we focus on Small Volume orders and offer Quick turn service, and there is a lot of such suppliers in the market,it has been increasing year by year. We focus on prototype orders and small batch...

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Trade War between US and China, we help each other !

Chinapcbone was Founded in 2008,the main customers are from North America and Europe, 60% of  them are from U.S. My first visit to the US was in 2014. Chuck invited me very warmly to his home. Chuck and Mari have two daughters, one  is older one year...

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