Overseas Team Guilin Travel Notes

The corporate culture of Chinapcbone is “Keep learning, see the world!”  In order to reward our team’s breakthrough in performance every year,    we organize group tours to see the world together every year!  The places we have visited in t...

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12th Anniversary Ceremony

12th anniversary ceremony ! 12 years ago, October 29, 2008 China-pcb-one came to the world!   We defeated the difficulties in the past ! We  face thechallenge now, let us overcome ! The blueprint for the future is waiting for us to bui...

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Quick Turn Service, we did it !

Hey everyone,my name is Janson Peng,I work in Chinapcbone for 6years and I am a customer service for overseas,I would like to share something about our Quick Turn service. I remember there was a Russian customer mentioned us to use China's EMS to...

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Han’s Laser is very happy working with Chinapcbone

ChinaPCBOne’s mission is to become the first choice for one-stop electronic intelligence in the world. We focus on small volume and very quick turn delivery that not so convenient for big factory to do. One of our customers is a listed company,named...

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