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ChinaPCBOne provide various well-known brand Teflon PCB Laminate, for example: Rogers Teflon PCB, taconic Teflon PCB. Rogers and the Taconic Teflon PCB Laminate, We are prepared with sufficient inventory to meet rapid demand for Teflon PCB.

Our major products include Teflon woven glass fabric copper-clad laminates、Teflon woven glass fabric copper-clad laminates with ceramic filled、microwave composite dielectric copper-clad substrate、microwave multi-layer printed circuit board、microwave electronic device and insulation 、anti-sticking fabric,etc..

Our products are widely applied to the industries of aerospace、aviation、satellite communication、navigation、aerospace、 radar、electronic countermeasure、 3G、4G、5G communication、compass navigation satellite system and so on.

In particular, compared with imported products from abroad, F4B series PTFE PCB substrates have similar performance and can meet the needs of many industries. Besides, they are much cheaper and have great advantages, so they are a very good alternative.

Our company has many years of experience in adding wangling products in Taizhou, and can process PTFE double layers, PTFE+FR4 multi-layer. Our products have been applied in various industries and obtained good reputation, especially 5G communication and RF products.

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