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ChinaPCBOne provides one-stop electronic product manufacturing services: multi-layer circuit board manufacturing, patching, finished product assembly and other value-added services (component purchasing, circuit board design, etc.).

Photo of ChinaPCBOne founder Michelle

Michelle Law

CEO & Founder

In 1997, Michelle Law came to Shenzhen alone, and with a solid foundation in English, she quickly promoted to the business representative of foreign clients from the business assistant. With the continuous increase of business volume, ChinaPCBOne was established in Hong Kong in 2008, and found the development tone and laid the foundation of developing the direction of "face the world and providing the best service to customers all over the world.” Driven by Michelle Law's savvy personality and the pursuit of better customer service, the company has gradually embarked on the fast track of development. At the beginning of its creation, it added more than 300 new customers in its first year, which demonstrates the recognition of Michelle Law and the ChinaPCBOne team by foreign customers.

During the economic crisis in 2008, many global engineers and business personnel have increased demand for high-quality, multilayer and fast-delivery small-volume and multi-variety circuit boards. At the time, the global manufacturing business dominated by big brands. They focus on the volume or even high-volume manufacturing operations, so the factories that provide such services in the domestic market are very scarce. Due to the scarcity of small-volume manufacturing facilities, Michelle Law decided that ChinaPCBOne will establish a circuit board factory that focuses on board and small batches. He quickly received strong support from Mr. George Zhu, who has experience in internationally renowned circuit board manufacturers. In 2011, ChinaPCBOne circuit board factory put into production, and ChinaPCBOne continued to grow and develop under the conviction of Michelle Law to better serve its customers.

With the increase of customers and the increase of orders, Michelle Law can help customers that quickly get circuit boards with high-quality, but in the soldering process, there will be unexpected delays in delivery. So Michelle Law began to find support and resources for SMT for customers. Finally, in April 2013, ChinaPCBOne PCB assembly factory was established to purchase new SMT equipment and wave soldering equipment to solve the problem that SMT delays in delivery to customers. 

In 2016, Michelle Law was enthusiastic and responsible to its clients. It promoted by many international maker organizations and hosted many domestic and foreign makers at the factory. During the communication, she found that these makers had great ideas but lacked professional engineers to help them. To help customers realize the realization of electronic products, Michelle Law opened the prelude of one-stop manufacturing services.

In 2017, in this evolving Internet era, Michelle Law intended to create an online one-stop electronics manufacturing services, build an international cloud electronics manufacturing platform, and a new model of EMS services for SMT service experts. Service the electronics maker in a new way, making the product faster! And help more electronic products get on the market quickly!
Photo of ChinaPCBOne PCB Factory CEO GEORGE ZHU

PCB manufacturing General Manager

George. Zhu

Engaged in PCB industry for more than 20 years, during the management of multiple departments, including production, planning, technology, quality, engineering, familiar with various material properties, different advanced techniques, various product characteristics, various industry standards, experienced the evolution, establishment and implementation of quality management systems such as ISO9000.QS9000.IFTS16949, and has a comprehensive and well-known system awareness of the entire quality management system.

Photo of ChinaPCBOne PCBA Factory Gary Xiao

PCB assembly General Manager

Gary. Xiao

Engaged in electronic product project management for more than 20 years, served several global top 500 enterprises and electronic products projects. In 2013, he co-founded ChinaPCBOne PCB assembly factory and established a smart manufacturing service model focusing on the production and product improvement of small and medium-sized electronic products, It has served thousands of different products of 1,500 companies. The one-stop electronic manufacturing service benchmark won the semi-final qualification of Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and interviewed by Taiwan Business Weekly and Hong Kong Financial TV.

Photo of ChinaPCBOne Director Bindy Zhang

Director & Foreign Trade Team Leader

Bindy. Zhang

Engaged in the PCB industry for nearly ten years, and has been adhering to the efficient and professional attitude to serve customers in more than 50 countries overseas. She familiar with the various processes and production processes of circuit boards, and relying on their unremitting efforts and struggle to become ChinaPCBOne ‘s director member and grows together with ChinaPCBOne, provide customers with high quality, fast delivery electric one-stop service.


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