Han’s Laser is very happy working with Chinapcbone

ChinaPCBOne’s mission is to become the first choice for one-stop electronic intelligence in the world. We focus on small volume and very quick turn delivery that not so convenient for big factory to do.

One of our customers is a listed company,named “Han’s Laser”. Its products are mainly heavy-duty equipment for large-scale intelligent manufacturing. The equipment belongs to industrial control. The core motherboards generally use ARM chips and memory and DDR power management, digital-to-analog conversion, and many external parts. Interface, from the technical point of view, the material types include multiple BGA, QFN chip package, as well as different specifications of connectors and adapter plugs, the value of the board is relatively high, but the production volume is not large Generally, it is between 50-300 pieces. It can be known that if it becomes a finished product, it will be worth tens of millions, but the production cost of PCBA is not high.

This requires sophisticated and advanced production equipment, complete process inspection equipment, plug-in and wave crest and post-welding processes, as well as assembly and testing processes. Generally, small and medium-sized factories that focus on SMT will not be equipped with post-insertion welding procedures. It will not be configured with only one or two technicians who test and repair each month, because these are the configurations required for one-stop service, and companies that only want to make quick money will not consider value-added services, but Chinapcbone have done it very well.

At the beginning of the establishment of Chinapcbone, it was positioned in the production of small and medium-sized industrial control equipment motherboards. The production line is equipped with SMT, plug-in wave soldering production line, post-weld assembly test pipeline, process control to achieve off-line programming and material pre-production confirmation, online The first piece of automatic detection, software soft-burning and maintenance of soft power, but also equipped with high-impedance LCR instrument, AOI and X-RAY, through the equipment to ensure the reliability and stability of the production process, solder paste also uses the US indium company Fine-grained silver-containing lead-free solder paste ensures the production process through hardware and software.

These inputs are standard on scale factories. Small factories basically do not use this configuration, because the cost of equipment and software that does not directly generate capacity will be equivalent to the investment of its production equipment, but there is no output. Chinapcbone’s production control assurance concept

In the production field of industrial control equipment and automation intelligent products, Chinapcbone has gradually solved the production process of 150A high-current power board for customers, and has also made great achievements in the circuit boards of agricultural drones and water sports equipment. Indeed, this gives us more confidence to use our experience and capabilities in many aspects to help industrial control equipment customers solve their one-stop service of the motherboard, providing strong proof and guarantee.

Please try one-stop shop service for both PCB and PCB assembly service from Chinapcbone,we are here for you.

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