Quick Turn Service, we did it !

Hey everyone,my name is Janson Peng,I work in Chinapcbone for 6years and I am a customer service for overseas,I would like to share something about our Quick Turn service.

I remember there was a Russian customer mentioned us to use China's EMS to send a sample to them, After the goods arrived there, but the goods hold by Custom and could not be passed,we tried to find a way with China EMS but the problem hasn’t been solved. Customers are very anxious to use the products, What should we do? We re-fabricated it with free of cost quickly, and then selected another expedited service for international express delivery that we used frequently. The customer received the re-made sample within three days,they are so appreciate for Chinapcbone.

Cost is important, but sometimes it's more important to solve problems for customers.

Another case, an Indian customer wanted to bring back a product in person which the delivery time should be Friday,but his flight was Thursday,so we re-scheduled the production plan to treat it as Quick turn order,and finished the production in Thursday afternoon,at that time,the customer was in a meeting with his other supplier so that he couldn’t come to our factory to take it, After learning the situation, our company immediately arranged for me to drive directly to the Shenzhen Port to meet with the customer.

But It seems the time was so tight,therefor I suggested that I take a train to HongKong airport,in that way we make sure the customer take the PCB with him to the flight.He was so happy to see me in the airport.

In terms of service, we may not be the best, but we will do every detail, every little thing, and give customers the best experience.

And,I remember once, a customer needed the PCBs urgently,finally we finished the production in the night which was too late for DHL ,they won’t come to pick it up, so we shall wait until tomorrow? Impossible !  even if there is still a little chance we will not let go. So we drove the goods to DHL's airport warehouse and finally caught the day's flight at the last minute.

On the delivery date, we may not be the fastest, but even if the customer can receive it a little bit in advance, we are willing to work hard.

The above are all small things, but they can show Chinapcbone’s  attitude.

Our team may not be the best in the world, but “ Keep Learning, See the world” is what we are doing ! Hope you will enjoy the service of Chinapcbone !

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