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Impedance PCB

We are able to produce transmit high-frequency, high-speed signal of the electronic device-specific Impedance Control PCB, such as computers, communications equipment. We can set the Impedance according to customer requirements, Impedance Control Tolerance of ±5%.
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Impedance Control PCB Samples

Impedance Control PCB 1Impedance Control PCB 2Impedance Control PCB 3Impedance Control PCB 4Impedance Control PCB 5Impedance Control PCB 6Impedance Control PCB 7Impedance Control PCB 8Impedance Control PCB 9Impedance Control PCB 10Impedance Control PCB 11Impedance Control PCB 12

ISO2000 Certified CompanyUL Certified CompanyRoHS compliant
  • 2 Hours Rapid Quote
  • 2 Hours Rapid Engineering
  • 24 Hours for 2 -10 layers
  • 2-3 Days for 12-20 layer
  • 4-7 Days for 22+ layers
  • 24 Hours online customer service
  • Up to 48 Layers Circuit boards
  • Up to 19oz Heavy Copper Boards
  • Impedance control Tolerances ±5%
  • Gold Plating Circuit Boards
  • Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards
  • High Density(HDI)Circuit Boards
  • Address:No. 5 Building, XinYuan
  • industry Park, TangWei Village,
  •  Fuyong Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China
  • Tel: +86-755-23064206
  • Email:saleS@chinapcbone.com